Monday, 28 February 2011

If only I could give him cake; The Handover

So this is my last week in the wonderful world of Property; on Monday I am moving to Insolvency. I am sure I will be meeting my own DodgyDebtors but in the mean time I have to negotiate The Handover.
If only I could give him cake.......
I had an informal handover chat with the trainee who will be moving into my seat today and discovered that he is as clueless about Property as I am about Insolvency (and if anyone reading this wants to tweet me some insolvency cribs notes, they would be much appreciated) The purpose of said meeting was to handover some of my more complicated files: The First Registration. The Reciprocal Leases and the dreaded Overage Twins. However when mentioning the words freehold transfer made him glaze over, I decided that this was probably futile so showed him my filing system. (he was very impressed: alphabetised and everything......)

Given my successors apparent lack of property know how, the smoothness of The Handover is likely to be based on the quality of my briefing notes and trainee competitiveness is getting the better of me! I'm not suggesting I deliberately mislead him but neither do I want to give him law-by-numbers. The notes I was left at the start of my seat were so succinct all I knew was the names of the files (I am not convinced this was cunning rather than incompetency..... not too bright was the trainee before me) and I spent my first 2 weeks reading said files only for the work to backlog.

I had a bit of a head start too - my LPC commercial leases course was excellent. No knowledge and I would have been floundering. So, do I take pity on the next in line? after all, it's not my fault he chose to study Shari'a law instead of property (honestly, he did)

On the other hand I know my department is uncharacteristically busy at the moment so silly questions asked because of my notes will reflect badly on the both of us. I do have a tendency to go the extra mile for people, more out of over organisation rather than kindness. Not writing the best handover notes ever would grate against my natural instincts.....

Really my indecision is my lawyerly competitiveness showing through. I am reluctant to pass up a chance to shine by comparison (judge me if you wish but you know you would be thinking the same) and even though its 18 months from now the competition for NQ jobs never really goes away. The other trainees are similarly perplexed; it features in our lunch time chats. I feel like I would be missing a trick if I handed the files over on a plate but I'm can't quite stomach being devious......

Its a dilemma: shall I be Cunning or Kind?

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