Wednesday, 16 March 2011

My name is TS, Miss TS.

I wear something similar under my suit!

Following Ashley Connick's post today about anonymous blawging I thought I would explain my reasons for not blogging as the Real Me (I am sorry to disappoint, those legs aren't mine. I do have a pair of shoes remarkably similar though!)

With a purely vain starting note, my professional picture is AWFUL. Fuji knows how the photographer got the job because he clearly knows nothing about angles, lighting or handling a camera. Worst of all, it looks like I have teeth the same shade as cheesy puffs. I do not have orange teeth. Obviously I wouldn't use such a terrible photo on twitter but I do have to use it on my Linked in account (work enforced) and the smaller the number of people who see it before I can get it redone the better. I know that isn't the point of Linked in but it really is That Bad.

I have to say that my secret identity (apart from making me a little like a spy - 00TS? or a ninja.........) isn't because I am shy, like Mr Bizzle. I also don't feel the need to get changed in telephone boxes necessitating an alter ego to explain public indecency.  My other reasons revolves around protection and censorship. I have to say that my Firm is a little behind in the social media world. While we do have a Social Media Strategy, it is more an acknowledgement it exists rather than an approach to its use. At a recent trainee meeting (trainees plus HR) they suggested creating a Firm facebook page. I raised the possibility of a Firm Trainee twitter account and discovered I was the only twitterer. Needless to say I thought it was probably a little advanced to discuss blogging at any length...

This being the case I don't think the Firm is ready for a trainee who blogs. I'm not confident they would understand my reasons or allow me to continue uncensored, if I was allowed at all. The thought that if I was discovered the Firm might use my blog as free advertising chills me but I cannot shrug off the feeling that they would try to take advantage. Neither do I want to be the 'tweeting trainee' but undoubtedly that is what I would become!

There is the argument for being able to say something I wouldn't say in front of my supervisor. I want to be able to write without fear of getting caught with my laptop in my mouth. This isn't the overarching reason for me hiding behind a fabulous pair of shoes but is an added bonus.

The real reason I have kept myself to myself, as it were, is the lack of presence of the Firm within the social media world. As far as I know I am the only twegal in the office! I know my readership isn't huge and I am not in any way saying that my little blog would have an effect, detrimental or other wise. It is more I would not want anyone to form an opinion of the Firm based on what I say (the, although small, outcry following my post on ghostwriting is case in point) and however unlikely this may be it is an eventuality that. if it were possible, would affect my writing.

Put simply, I don't want to be censored, sub consciously or otherwise. Being anonymous is the way I have decided to approach this. I am far too prone to ranting to rely on my blog being positive and I can't control who may read what I post. If I didn't want anyone to see it I'd write a diary, complete with lock and key!
So, until I am confident that my Firm are blog friendly (and until I have a safe NQ position....) I will hide behind my shoes.

There is the reverse downside to being anonymous. While I can't be found for the wrong reasons I also cannot be found for the right ones. If someone is particularly impressed with my writing or tweeting (you never know!) I can't personally take the glory, or the work if that was being offered. I am not writing to promote myself so this is not an problem at the moment. Ask me again when I have been offered something and I might just tell you my name.......

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  1. I can completely relate to this. Great post. I would add that flaunting my gothiness might be an extra reason to remain anonymous. But now that I think of it, the fact that I wear all black and have some purple streaks in my hair probably means that people IRL already get the drift.